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Linux Install Instructions

First Install

  • Download the file URSafeNoteCasePC.tar.gz into your user Home Folder and Double-click it.

    The following Directory Structure will be created:
    notecase.png - (NoteCase image file in case you want to use as Icon)
    URSafeNoteCasePC - (shortcut to the URSafeNoteCasePC.jar executable)
    URSafeNoteCasePC.jar - (the application executable itself)
  • You can copy the URSafeNoteCasePC shortcut to the Desktop in order to start the application.
  • That's all, enjoy.

Subsequent Installs

  • Download the file URSafeNoteCasePC.tar.gz into your user Home Folder and extract only the file URSafeNoteCasePC.jar file in order to overwrite the old one with the new version.
  • That's all, enjoy.

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